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Pecel: vegetable salad

procedure text how to make pecel –  You want some healthy food quickly? Try this top-notch Indonesian salad: pecel. 99% vegetarian and healthful as hell 😉 Even with the peanut sauce on the facet – this is quite mild- you will eat your weekly demand of greens nowadays. rara explains how to make pecel desires… Read More »

Urapan with green beans, spinach and cabbage

how to make a green beans salad Earlier, I’ve made rara’s Urapan #I and I cherished this scrumptious Indonesian salad. This is her Urapan #II, and this is perhaps even better than #1. This Indonesian salad is protected in a warm dressing of coconut cream and grated coconut. The sambal trassi, the kencur powder and… Read More »