Red Snapper Fish Soup

By | December 9, 2017

Ingredients to make a red snapper soup for your kids :

-Two red snapper size tail
-One carrot seeds
-Ten bean vegetable seeds
-Six cloves of garlic
-One turmeric 1 cm
-Four lime leaves
-Two large chili seeds
-1 leeks
-One tablespoon of tamarind water
-One tomato seeds
-1 tablespoon salt
-One teaspoon of granulated sugar
-One teaspoon flavored chicken
-1/2 liter water
-Two tablespoons margarine for sauteing

red snapper soup

How to Make a Red Snap Fish Soup :

First, clean the red snapper in the running water and dispose of the contents of his stomach. Once clean, give lime juice and drain first. Then we prepare some ingredients like garlic, turmeric, and great chili. Please slice rather large material.

Heat the cooking oil in the frying pan, saute the spice until fragrant. Then add water, tamarind, leaves lime, and

Wait until the water is boiling. After boiling enter the red snapper, carrots, and beans. Then give salt, sugar and flavored chicken taste just enough.

Please taste first, if still less salty add salt. Wait for half-baked, add celery and tomato slices. Cook the soup not too long, because the red snapper will break.

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