Yogurt Pancake

Rara Kitchen – Want to try to make and enjoy different pancakes than usual? You should Try making yogurt pancake. How to make it in general not much different from ordinary pancakes,  follow the recipe below.   The Material you should be prepared to make yogurt pancake Ingredients : 1 egg yolk 1 egg whites… Read More »

Banana Pancakes

Rara kitchen – Trying to make a banana pancake recipe during lunch or breakfast time could be one of the variations of desserts you can serve your beloved family. Making your pancakes is famous is very easy and does not take long. Moreover, pancakes can be combined with many ingredients so you can experiment with… Read More »

Healthy Eggplant Recipes

Have you made a fried eggplant? Eggplant is very famous, in addition to easy to find, the price is also very affordable so we can eat it every day, haha So that we do not get bored to eat Eggplant, then the solution is to create different eggplant recipe creations. Another reason why we should… Read More »

Sambal Tomato

hay friend meet again on rara kitchen Long time no update recipe after busy on my job, I will share for the simple recipe of sambal, I have written some sambal recipe you can see at the category ok now I will share how to make sambal tomatoes, for chili I use the bird chilies… Read More »

Tahu Goreng Surabaya

Hello Mate meet again on rarakitchen.com today I will share meals / gorengan from regional east java, named Tahu goreng Surabaya or fried tofu usually this dish eat beside sambal petis as sauce or chilies sauce if you cant get daun salam you can change with original bay leaf okay lets to the point, here… Read More »

Collection Recipes Of Fried Rice

When you are in south Asian especially in Indonesia you can easily found the nasi goreng or fried rice as your breakfast lunch even for dinner at night you can easily see the street food merchant (named tukang nasi goreng). This is easy diggest then dark bread with cheese, for Indonesian nasi goreng is typical… Read More »

Sambal Goreng Kentang

Sambal goreng kentang is a much-loved food often present at the wedding ceremony or other events. Not infrequently this dish we serve as a pure food supplement daily. To know the ingredients and seasoning whatever is needed to make sambal goreng kentang were delicious. Sambal goreng kentang gizzard ati is indeed suited to serve as… Read More »

Lumpia Semarang.

Hello, mate today I will share Lumpia is a spring roll in the restaurant menu is a snack that already contains vegetables and chicken or meat. Lumpia or spring rolls are one of the typical meals Chinese citizens, who have long been adopted by the Indonesian citizens. One of The famous spring rolls came from… Read More »

Perkedel Potatoes

hello mate meet again on rarakitchen.com how are you today? as usually I will share Indonesian food recipes, but in this article are special because I’m writing recipes for perkedel potato , you can get easy the vegetables on the market just choose the biggest one 2-3 pieces, and steam then grind all Perkedel potato… Read More »

Sambal Petai

sambal petai   Meet again on rarakitchen.com How was your day? hoping you blessed everyday hehe Today im writing a special menu , sambal petai Have you eaten petai? Haha yeah petai is Parkia Speciosa usually cooking on Indonesian,Indian, Thai also Malaysian, in Indonesia you can found petai very easy you can get on traditional… Read More »