snapper fillets curry

Fish is excellent to eat because it has a functional protein and very needed for the body. Lots of fish dishes that you can serve including tuna, catfish, carp and many other dishes made from fish, both sea fish, and freshwater fish. What we will discuss this time is a variety of snapper fish. Snapper… Read More »

Semur Beef ( Stew )

Many variations of semur recipe that we can make, such as recipe semur chicken, goat, and others. But for this time I will try to make a semur beef. Like other recipe varieties, this blackish brown semur beef tasted sweet. The combination of herbs, local spices, and soy sauce gives the sensation of different flavors.… Read More »

steamed mackerel

Hello mom, today rara kitchen will share how to make steamed mackerel recipes, in this case, i using oily fish like mackerel oke lets to the point below the ingredients how to make steamed mackerel ½ Green Cabbage 1 tbsp Curry powder 1 strand Lemongrass Pepper and Salt 2 fresh Mackerels 4 tbs Oil 6… Read More »

Yellow Rice ( Nasi Kuning )

Yellow rice or nasi Kuning is a traditional Indonesian cuisine the legend says nasi Kuning is from central Java. The taste of yellow rice is delicious and tasty because the material uses coconut milk and turmeric for its yellow color. Although the way of making yellow rice is easy and straightforward but still many also fail… Read More »

Avocado Crispy

Hey meet again on rara kitchen after I write an article of avocado juice, today I will share how to make avocado crispy   below the ingredient, you will need vegetable oil 150 gr flour one tsp salt two eggs whipped off 1 1/4 glass panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) or can be replaced with other bread crumbs two ripe… Read More »

Avocado Puding

Avocado pudding is preferred especially for your kids because the texture of the avocado pudding is chewy and soft so that your kid will love this pudding. Okay, let’s go to the material you need how to Make Avocado Pudding the first you will need is 1. one packet of white pudding gelatin. 2. 50… Read More »

Avocado Juice

Actually how to make avocado juice is quite easy .if you want to know how to make avocado juice in healthy recipe ,I will share how to make avocado juice is easy, delicious, simple and healthy Ingredients & Directions Sugar As Needed Water As Needed 2 Avocado, med 1/2 c Milk, cold 1 c Chocolate… Read More »

Es Cendol ( Bahn Lot )

Have you drunk es cendol? Es cendol is one of the favorite traditional beverage for Indonesian and can be found easily in many places, I will give an option how to make es cendol the first you can make cendol by yourself, or you can buy banh lot. Banh Lot is a Vietnamese food (but… Read More »

Beef Chili Balado Sauce

Heloo Mate Today I will share how to make chili balado sauce okay to the point here is the material you should be prepared Ingredients: ten cloves garlic, peeled and sliced thin 2 lbs beef round steak ( boneless ) seven tbs peanut or corn oil 2 cups water 1 cup thinly sliced onions 1… Read More »

Simple Fish Cake

today I will share the meal recipe How to make Indonesian fish cake the material is easy to get; you can use cod fish or monkfish Ingredients : Vegetable Oil for frying two tsp Coriander Seeds one tsp Cumin Seeds two small dried Chilies two tsp Ground Lemon Grass or one stalk Lemon Grass, chopped… Read More »