Spicy Beef Curry With Coconut Milk

After rara kitchen share recipe how to make peanut crispy today we will share how to make Spicy beef curry coconut milk. this dish is suitable for eid or any particular moment, delicious with spicy sauce coconut; the main material is using beef you should use a whole cut of beef like “topside” or “silverside.”… Read More »

Crispy Peanuts ( Rempeyek )

An Indonesian Crispy Peanuts or Rempeyek snack which is delicious as a snack with your operative as well as a small accomplishment with your meal. It looks like a little thin “cookie” and is prepared much in the same way as American pancakes. okay to the point rara kitchen will share the recipe here are… Read More »

Stuffed Milkfish ( Otak Otak )

hey mate today rara kitchen will share recipe how to make indonesian otak otak bandeng or stufed milkfish   okay here is below the material you should be prepare choose only fresh caught milkfish because the skin easily to scale Ingredients: one whole bandeng (milkfish) or substitute sea bass or mackerel (about 700 g) Six tbs. grated… Read More »

Aromatic Chicken Madura

Aromatic chicken is best cooked ahead so that the flavors permeate the chicken flesh making it even more delicious. A fresh cucumber salad is an excellent accompaniment. Add a large piece of bruised ginger and a small onion to the chicken stock to ensure a good flavor. ingredients 1.5 kg chicken, cut in quarters, or… Read More »

Soto Madura

besides famous with satay chicken madura also have other  famous dishes named soto madura , this dish is different with other Soto separate area that uses emping, Soto Madura is using potato chips as a garnish it’s effortless how to make soto madura ,you can buy all the ingredients on the oriental market okay let to… Read More »

Chicken Kalio

People often ask, what’s the difference Chicken Kalio and curry? The difference Chicken Kalio and curry is how to cook it. In the process of cooking kalio, seasoning pan-fried first until fragrant, newly incorporated other ingredients, the last included coconut milk. While on the curry, all raw spices cooked with coconut milk to boil. For… Read More »

Sambal Tempe

If you have excess tempe stock at home, do not immediately discarded. Tempe is already a bit or slightly rotten still rich in nutrients and unfortunately removed. Tempe is a bit nasty is delicious to be a dish, one of which is a typical east java food, sambal tempe. Here’s the recipe. Ingredients: 200 gr tempe… Read More »

Lemon Calamary Sauce

hey meet again on rara kitchen , today I will share how to make lemon calamary sambal this  dish usually eat with hot rice, okay here are the ingredients you should need to make it Material: 500 grams Large size squid, sizeable chopped ring shape 1 lemon Spices: two large red chilies, roughly chopped five pieces… Read More »

Mango Sambal

Hey Friend as usually rarakitchen will share all about indonesian menu , today i will share special sambal named mango sambal This mango chili recipe is quoted from vemale.com, and you can practice right now. If the mango season, this one sambal so favorite family sauce. Materials needed: 2 tbsp oil two tsp java sugar one… Read More »

Indonesian Chicken satay

In Indonesian Chicken satay is one of the most popular foods, the tastes excellent and delicious, and the material are easy to find in the oriental market, they are some factors that make this dish become one of the favorite foods from children to adults. Well, if you want to know how to make it… Read More »