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Beef Rendang Padang

What is Rendang? Rendang Padang is one of the original dishes from Sumatra that has been famous in foreign countries. Even based on the results of pooling one web news from England, rendang Padang has selected as the world’s most delicious food! Well if most rendang ( beef stew meat tender ) you meet now… Read More »

Spicy Beef Curry With Coconut Milk

After rara kitchen share recipe how to make peanut crispy today we will share how to make Spicy beef curry coconut milk. this dish is suitable for eid or any particular moment, delicious with spicy sauce coconut; the main material is using beef you should use a whole cut of beef like “topside” or “silverside.”… Read More »

Semur Beef ( Stew )

Many variations of semur recipe that we can make, such as recipe semur chicken, goat, and others. But for this time I will try to make a semur beef. Like other recipe varieties, this blackish brown semur beef tasted sweet. The combination of herbs, local spices, and soy sauce gives the sensation of different flavors.… Read More »