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Crispy Peanuts ( Rempeyek )

An Indonesian Crispy Peanuts or Rempeyek snack which is delicious as a snack with your operative as well as a small accomplishment with your meal. It looks like a little thin “cookie” and is prepared much in the same way as American pancakes. okay to the point rara kitchen will share the recipe here are… Read More »

Healthy Eggplant Recipes

Have you made a fried eggplant? Eggplant is very famous, in addition to easy to find, the price is also very affordable so we can eat it every day, haha So that we do not get bored to eat Eggplant, then the solution is to create different eggplant recipe creations. Another reason why we should… Read More »

Tahu Goreng Surabaya

Hello Mate meet again on today I will share meals / gorengan from regional east java, named Tahu goreng Surabaya or fried tofu usually this dish eat beside sambal petis as sauce or chilies sauce if you cant get daun salam you can change with original bay leaf okay lets to the point, here… Read More »

Lumpia Semarang.

Hello, mate today I will share Lumpia is a spring roll in the restaurant menu is a snack that already contains vegetables and chicken or meat. Lumpia or spring rolls are one of the typical meals Chinese citizens, who have long been adopted by the Indonesian citizens. One of The famous spring rolls came from… Read More »