Klepon Recipe

By | June 20, 2018

Klepon Recipe – This is a lot of fun to make: Indonesian Klepon Recipe. The first time I laid eyes on those green balls I hesitated to flavor one. Is it highly spiced, savory or sweet? The surprise turned into a sweet one! Klepon is palm sugar, rice dough snack. You ought to say it is an Indonesian mochi. Colored and flavored with pandan leaf. Time to make

Klepon Recipe is palm sugar, rice dough snack. You could say it’s miles an Indonesian mochi. Colored and flavored with pandan leaf. Time to make klepon myself. It seems to be pretty smooth.

Within forty-five minutes I have warm, green, coconut spheres on a plate, ready to devour.

Ingredients (for approximately 20 balls in 30-45 minutes)
glutinous rice flour200 grams of Ketan flour (glutinous/sticky rice flour )
one hundred eighty ml water
few drops of pandan extract
75 grams gula Jawa (palm sugar), chopped in 1 cm dices
1 cup shredded coconut
1/2 teaspoon salt


Make dough


I blend flour and water with the pandan extract by using hand until it’s a smooth dough; superbly inexperienced and elastic.

It’s a piece sticky and scents tremendous. If it’s miles too sticky (you can’t shape first-class balls) upload a few greater sticky rice flour.


Meanwhile, I deliver a medium pan with water to the boil.

Javanese sugar or gula Jawa

The gula Jawa (palm sugar) is sold in tough, spherical slices. With a kitchen knife, I chop the sugar bricks cautiously into chunks of one by 1 cm.

You can grate the sugar too, but I like to fill my klepon with bigger chunks. This way deep inside your klepon, in the center of the melted gula Jawa, hard middle of sweet palm sugar gives the klepon that greater chew and marvel.

Walnut length

I make balls the scale of a walnut and area the palm sugar bite inside the core. Make certain you cover the sugar up properly. Otherwise, it’s going to leak.

It isn’t vital that your klepon is a supersphere. They will develop a piece larger and rounder inside the boiling water.


How to an area in the water

Place your klepon on a spade and lower it slowly into the water. Shake a chunk to launch it. If you throw the balls in, they could get caught to the bottom of the pan and could spoil.


The klepon is completed after they waft to the floor. For a more softer center, go away them in for approximately a minute greater.

Coconut Layer

Let them cool down a minute and roll them through the coconut. I have some leftover roasted shredded coconut, so I blend that thru the white coconut flakes too. It looks exceptional ;-).

If the klepon sticks an excessive amount of while managing use fingers which might be dipped into coconut flakes ;-).

Klepon Recipe

How to maintain

They are best-eaten heat, however, cooled they are cute as well. They may be frozen too. Works amazingly as a small found in a quite container.

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