Pecel: vegetable salad

By | June 20, 2018

procedure text how to make pecel –  You want some healthy food quickly? Try this top-notch Indonesian salad: pecel. 99% vegetarian and healthful as hell 😉 Even with the peanut sauce on the facet – this is quite mild- you will eat your weekly demand of greens nowadays.

rara explains how to make pecel desires to appearance: Pecel needs to incorporate four shades of vegetables: dark green, light inexperienced, and white. It’s now not a Gado Gado. That is served with an exclusive form of peanut sauce and with eggs and tempeh.

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how to make pecel
This amount is ideal for as a minimum three humans and geared up in forty-five minutes.

250 grams endive
250 grams spinach
100 grams of green beans
two hundred grams beans sprouts
2 hundred grams of cabbage (green, white, savoy- or cauliflower)
1/2 jar of peanut butter
1 to two cups of water
2 tablespoons of oil

5 tablespoons of chopped onions
2 chopped cloves of garlic
2 teaspoons sambal terasi (chili paste with shrimp paste)
3 tablespoons kitchen tamarind
1 tablespoon vinegar
1 teaspoon sugar Javanese
1/2 teaspoon Kaempferia galanga (kencur)

how to make pecel

Clean the greens and cook dinner them with a touch salt, most effective briefly, so that they live crisp. The bean sprouts are not cooked but rinsed with boiling water. Let the greens drain nicely.

Rub the onions with the garlic, sugar, kencur, chili, and salt collectively into a paste.

Sauté in oil until the onions are yellow. Add the peanut butter. Easy to apply your electric powered mixer to combine the peanut butter in.

Add water to the tamarind (after the seeds are eliminated) and add it to the sauce. The sauce ought to be as thick as a salad dressing. Arrange the drained vegetables on a platter and cowl it with the sauce.

The cooked veggies can all be numerous in step with the season. They ought to encompass:

1) Dark green veggies like endive, kale, spinach;
2) Light green vegetables like spinach, turnip tops, beans, green or savoy cabbage;
3) A white vegetable as beans sprouts, cabbage or cauliflower.

What a delicious basket of veggies. You ought to blanch them,how to make pecel to keep your vegetables pleasant and crisp. I start with the beans. They need the longest cooking time. cook your greens green, add them to already boiling water. Cook them in short. I give my green beans for five minutes. Then let them drain in a colander and rinse immediately with cold water. I

Take all the greens via the equal technique. Except for the spinach, endive and bean sprouts. I best pour over boiling water. That’s greater than enough for the one’s veggies.

By the manner, rara doesn’t mention in her recipe what to do with gula Jawa inside the sauce. I upload it in my mortar with the onions (if I paintings with a tough piece of gula Jawa). When I have liquid gula Jawa, I upload it to the nice and cozy sauce on the give up. Always tastes the sauce before serving.

The balance between bitter, salty and candy needs to be right.

It looks as if a Gado Gado, however, it’s not. Gado desires tempeh for example and eggs. I add a few eggs to my pecel too, because this is our major dish these days.

Normally I could serve an Indonesian salad with babi ketjap or chicken. I also reduce a few cucumbers for the children. Great dipping tool for the super pecel sauce. check others at rarakitchen


Urapan with green beans, spinach and cabbage