Urapan with green beans, spinach and cabbage

By | June 20, 2018

how to make a green beans salad Earlier, I’ve made rara’s Urapan #I and I cherished this scrumptious Indonesian salad. This is her Urapan #II, and this is perhaps even better than #1. This Indonesian salad is protected in a warm dressing of coconut cream and grated coconut. The sambal trassi, the kencur powder and the lemon leaves (jeruk purut or kaffir lime leaves) supply this dressing its unique severe umami and fresh flavor.


The massive amount of various vegetables on this dish makes this urapan filled with fibers and minerals.


A few things are uncertain in rara’s recipe although. In every different recipe, she uses the old Dutch phrase ‘princess beans’ to signify inexperienced beans. This recipe says to use ‘beans.’ I do now not think she way white or brown beans, due to the fact they’re not cooked speedily like the relaxation. I count on that it needs to be inexperienced beans.


Also, there’s an odd ingredient inside the components herbs listing. It says: ‘two hundred grams of cabbage (inexperienced, white, savoy or cauliflower).’ I do now not suppose that this is meant to be there. In the following recipe on the identical web page, this ingredient is indexed for Pecel. I think it by chance ended up on this recipe.

how to make a green beans salad

a hundred grams of beans

one hundred grams of grated coconut

100 grams of endive

Two tablespoons of shredded Santen (coconut cream)

two hundred grams of spinach

a hundred bean sprouts

one hundred grams of cabbage

half of dl water


2 tablespoons of chopped onions

1 chopped clove of garlic

1 teaspoon of sambal terasi

1/2 teaspoon kencur

200 grams of cabbage (green, white, savoy or cauliflower)

1 kaffir lime leave


how to make a green beans salad

Rub onions, garlic, sambal, kencur and salt right into a paste.

Bring the water to the boil, upload the coconut cream and the spices.

Let it cook until it starts to thicken and then stir within the coconut flour.

In the intervening time, prepare dinner the vegetable half-finished with salt, except for the bean sprouts, which can be best rinsed with boiling water.

Mix the tired veggies with the sauce.



I did no longer experience like ingesting endive today, that’s why I add greater pointed cabbage. Pointed cabbage is so smooth and candy in taste, that suits properly with this urapan


Bean sprouts

I additionally use home-grown bean sprouts. It’s great to permit mung beans to develop into this tasty vegetable. You ought to develop them inside the darkish, and they’re achieved in 3 days. A hand full of dried mung beans are sufficient for numerous quantities of bean sprouts.


Sambal trassi

My sambal trassi turned into completed, so I upload a chili pepper to the dressing with a half teaspoon of trassi. Leave the trassi out when you need this urapan to be vegetarian or vegan.


You can of course, as rara proposes, rub the whole lot by using the hand, but my emersion blender comes in available right here. It will produce a fantastically smooth how to make a green beans salad dressing.

I warm up water, and I upload the spice blend and I allow the coconut cream dissolves on this mix.

My coconut cream is completely dissolved now, and the sauce has thickened a bit. Now I add my grated coconut and the sauce has a stunning consistency now.

In the period in-between, I even have cooked the greens for a brief time. First I upload the inexperienced beans to the pan, due to the fact they want the longest cooking time.Then I upload the pointed cabbage reduce in strips and after a minute or two the spinach. Then after 30 seconds I upload the bean sprouts and let this gently simmer for another 30 seconds.

how to make a green beans salad

With very younger bean sprouts rinsing them with hot water is enough. However, my sprouts are ‘older,’ and I positioned them into the light for half a day, so that they have small, inexperienced leaves. That makes them a chunk coarse, so a 30 seconds simmer works flawlessly. I rinse all vegetables with cold water to give them a sparkling green color.

The vegetables are ready and drained, and the sauce remains heat. Let’s blend! We can mix. I mix it lightly to get this delicious, wholesome result.


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