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Red Snapper Fish Soup

Ingredients to make a red snapper soup for your kids : -Two red snapper size tail -One carrot seeds -Ten bean vegetable seeds -Six cloves of garlic -One turmeric 1 cm -Four lime leaves -Two large chili seeds -1 leeks -One tablespoon of tamarind water -One tomato seeds -1 tablespoon salt -One teaspoon of granulated… Read More »

Fish Dimsum

Bring a special dish for the family with a delicious dim sum Fish dish made from special fish meat. Dim sum can use chicken meat, minced shrimp or fish fillets. This time rara kitchen will invite you to enjoy the dish by using delicious and special fish dim sum recipe at home. This fish dim… Read More »

Stuffed Milkfish ( Otak Otak )

hey mate today rara kitchen will share recipe how to make indonesian otak otak bandeng or stufed milkfish   okay here is below the material you should be prepare choose only fresh caught milkfish because the skin easily to scale Ingredients: one whole bandeng (milkfish) or substitute sea bass or mackerel (about 700 g) Six tbs. grated… Read More »

snapper fillets curry

Fish is excellent to eat because it has a functional protein and very needed for the body. Lots of fish dishes that you can serve including tuna, catfish, carp and many other dishes made from fish, both sea fish, and freshwater fish. What we will discuss this time is a variety of snapper fish. Snapper… Read More »

steamed mackerel

Hello mom, today rara kitchen will share how to make steamed mackerel recipes, in this case, i using oily fish like mackerel oke lets to the point below the ingredients how to make steamed mackerel ½ Green Cabbage 1 tbsp Curry powder 1 strand Lemongrass Pepper and Salt 2 fresh Mackerels 4 tbs Oil 6… Read More »

Simple Fish Cake

today I will share the meal recipe How to make Indonesian fish cake the material is easy to get; you can use cod fish or monkfish Ingredients : Vegetable Oil for frying two tsp Coriander Seeds one tsp Cumin Seeds two small dried Chilies two tsp Ground Lemon Grass or one stalk Lemon Grass, chopped… Read More »

Pindang Milk Fish

Pindang Bandeng or Braised Milk Fish Sweet Soy Sauce Hey sahabat rara , stil in summer season yeah you know in Indonesian just have two season summer and winter , okay today as usually im write a recipes Indonesian food this one make from fish , I don’t know what you called there Indonesian called them… Read More »