Fish Dimsum

By | December 2, 2017

Bring a special dish for the family with a delicious dim sum Fish dish made from special fish meat. Dim sum can use chicken meat, minced shrimp or fish fillets. This time rara kitchen will invite you to enjoy the dish by using delicious and special fish dim sum recipe at home.

This fish dim sum recipe can use mackerel fish or snapper, according to your taste. For those of you who are curious about the material and the steps to make it. Here is a delicious and special fish dim sum recipe.


the ingredient of Dimsum Fish Recipe

500 grams of nonfat lean chicken meat
100 grams of mackerel fish meat without bone, then milled
300 grams of grated bengkoang
250 grams of sago flour
2 eggs
one pack of dummy skin
Seasoning Dimsum Fish Recipe Material
three slices of a white onion slice,
three slices of leek
five cloves of grated garlic
one segment of grated ginger
2 tbsp sugar
two tsp salt
two tablespoons fish sauce
one teaspoon pepper
one tsp oyster sauce
two tablespoons sesame oil
one tsp soy sauce
How to Make Dimsum Fish
First, mix the milled ground with ground meat
Then input sago flour, egg, and sliced leek
Next add the slices of green onion, grated garlic, and ginger
Next add the spices like sugar, salt, and pepper
Then add also sesame oil, fish sauce, and soy sauce
Next mix the yeast that has been shredded back until evenly distributed
Use the muffin mold by smearing the cooking oil into the mold
Then wet the shumay mold to wet it and fold on the ends of the skin to get in
Then take the dough with a spoon into the mold
Then put a little carrot that has been shredded, do up.
Steam all the dough until cooked, approximately 15 minutes.

Dimsum Fish

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