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Klepon Recipe

Klepon Recipe – This is a lot of fun to make: Indonesian Klepon Recipe. The first time I laid eyes on those green balls I hesitated to flavor one. Is it highly spiced, savory or sweet? The surprise turned into a sweet one! Klepon is palm sugar, rice dough snack. You ought to say it… Read More »

Avocado Crispy

Hey meet again on rara kitchen after I write an article of avocado juice, today I will share how to make avocado crispy   below the ingredient, you will need vegetable oil 150 gr flour one tsp salt two eggs whipped off 1 1/4 glass panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) or can be replaced with other bread crumbs two ripe… Read More »

Avocado Puding

Avocado pudding is preferred especially for your kids because the texture of the avocado pudding is chewy and soft so that your kid will love this pudding. Okay, let’s go to the material you need how to Make Avocado Pudding the first you will need is 1. one packet of white pudding gelatin. 2. 50… Read More »

Simple Fish Cake

today I will share the meal recipe How to make Indonesian fish cake the material is easy to get; you can use cod fish or monkfish Ingredients : Vegetable Oil for frying two tsp Coriander Seeds one tsp Cumin Seeds two small dried Chilies two tsp Ground Lemon Grass or one stalk Lemon Grass, chopped… Read More »

Yogurt Pancake

Rara Kitchen – Want to try to make and enjoy different pancakes than usual? You should Try making yogurt pancake. How to make it in general not much different from ordinary pancakes,  follow the recipe below.   The Material you should be prepared to make yogurt pancake Ingredients : 1 egg yolk 1 egg whites… Read More »

Banana Pancakes

Rara kitchen – Trying to make a banana pancake recipe during lunch or breakfast time could be one of the variations of desserts you can serve your beloved family. Making your pancakes is famous is very easy and does not take long. Moreover, pancakes can be combined with many ingredients so you can experiment with… Read More »

Perkedel Potatoes

hello mate meet again on how are you today? as usually I will share Indonesian food recipes, but in this article are special because I’m writing recipes for perkedel potato , you can get easy the vegetables on the market just choose the biggest one 2-3 pieces, and steam then grind all Perkedel potato… Read More »